Communicate the essential with the indispensable

Custom printed condoms for original promotional actions. 



Printed condoms are a medium of communication that gives your brand a green and socially responsible image towards your customers. It is also a great means of raising brand awareness in an original and memorable way. Lilicom helps you communicate the essential by customizing the design of your condom package and foil. All of our packages and foils are FSC certified. Lilicom custom branded condoms are made to fit your personal design. You can order your logo, message or any other advertisement printed on a condom package or foil. You can even customize the shape and the size of the package! Just tell us what you want and we will do it for you at the most competitive cost in Europe. We also offer a delivery service if you want to reach a specific event.



Because today condoms are indispensable. Giving away printed condoms can make a huge impact on your target audience, since your brand will always be associated with a moment of pure pleasure.  Your brand will come across as socially responsible and caring about the well-being of others. As they say, a sound mind in a sound body! 














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